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  • prepper — noun a) A student at a prep school. ‘We have a vacancy at a very nice little prepper in North Yorkshire. Cundall Manor.’ b) Prep school …   Wiktionary

  • prepper — n. A person who goes to great lengths to prepare for a natural or man made disaster. Example Citations: Learning to grow your own vegetables and set aside seed to plant next year, to raise chickens, bake bread and make jam, to medicate yourself… …   New words

  • Survivalism — For other uses, see Survivalism (disambiguation). Survivalism is a movement of individuals or groups (called survivalists or sometimes preppers) who are actively preparing for future possible disruptions in local, regional, national, or… …   Wikipedia

  • Survivalisme — Poster du film de propagande Duck and Cover sorti en 1951/1952 pendant la guerre froide ; la menace d anéantissement imprégnait les médias et l opinion publique. Le survivalisme est un terme qui désigne les méthodes utilisées par certains… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • preperis — preperis, ė Bendroji  informacija Kirčiuotos formos: prèperis, prèperė Kirčiuotė: 1 Rūšis: naujai skolintos šaknies žodis Kalbos dalis: daiktavardis Kilmė: anglų, prepper. Pateikta: 2012 02 09. Atnaujinta: 2014 01 15. Reikšmė ir vartosena… …   Lietuvių kalbos naujažodžių duomenynas

  • Lifestyles — affluenza afflufemza antigerm approximeeting badge item barefoot luxury binge viewing binner …   New words

  • People — 99er adultescent agritourist alpha earner alpha geek alpha girl alpha pup altruistic donor …   New words

  • TEOTWAWKI — acronym. The End Of The World As We Know It; a catch all phrase for the chaos and disruption that some people expect will occur in the new millennium. Example Citation: There is, however, a class of people who not only believe TEOTWAWKI is upon… …   New words

  • Y2K problem — n. A computer bug that, if not fixed, will cause computers and devices with embedded microchips to fail or produce erroneous results beginning on January 1, 2000. (Also known as the millennium bug.) Example Citation: Already struggling to wean… …   New words

  • Y2OK — adj. Describes the lack of serious computer problems resulting from the changeover from 1999 to 2000. Example Citation: After a year of computer bug fears and a month of terrorism warnings, everything was Y2OK. Joel Stein, Hey, You In That Bunker …   New words

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